The stitches from my favorite embroiderystitchesbook – Part 1 – Sequence H

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In this sequence, several stitch combinations are discussed and a chain stitch, a relief stitch, a connecting stitch and a weaving stitch. In the whole of the ‘Favorite embroidery stitches book, 2 more parts follow. Part 2 with 4 stitch lessons and 3 theme lessons and Part 3 with 3 stitch lessons and four theme lessons. I wish you a lot of embroidery pleasure again and hope to see you soon.

I hope the tutorial meets your expectation. Please let us know if you are satisfied or what things could be done differently/better in your opinion, or if there are any ambiguities. We are always looking for the best quality.

The list below contains all the materials you will need to participate in the course. You will already have some materials at home, some you will have to purchase. You can obtain the materials marked with a x in my webshop and add them to your order via the link below. If you cannot find certain materials, or if you have any other questions and / or comments regarding the materials list, please contact me and we will work it out together!

Felt supplies:

- Towel, bowl, olive soap (x) or whatever you normally use, ball shower (x) or similar, net
curtains or anti-slibmat (x) to turn the work
- About 500 grams of Australian merino, with or without silk (x), in various colours
- Decoration materials at will (Fabric, lace, threads, fibers for felting) (x)
- Different types of embroidery yarns (x)
- Matching needles (x)
- Practice felt for embroidery
- Hot friction pen or tailor’s chalk marker (x)
- Embroidery scissors (x)
- Possibly small pliers

Have a look at the materials in our webshop (click here)

After adding a product, the page refreshes, don’t worry, you can add the next product afterwards! Read carefully how much you need of each product and complete your order!

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Annemie Koenen